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Exciting news from the Classics Department at Queen's University in Belfast, the CANI have held their first event and launched their new website . Congratulations to all!  

Please read John's update below:-

The Classical Association in Northern Ireland's inaugural summer lecture on the 'Colraine hoard attracted an enthusiastic crowd on a fine summer evening at Queen's University. In a lavishly illustrated joint presentation, Drs Peter Crawford and Raoul McLaughlin took listeners through the history of the discovery of one of Ireland's most enigmatic hoards of late Roman coinage and hack-silver. The peoples of Ireland and Britain were vividly evoked and the historic traffic of ideas, artefacts and culture between the islands carefully explained. With the very recent finds of Roman rings at Murlough in Dundrum Bay, Roman treasure in Ireland is hot news and the speakers expertly fielded splendid questions from the audience. The lecture is heading next to the home of the hoard and The Colraine Historical Society and then on into schools in Northern Ireland. The fate of the hoard itself, now scattered in Belfast and London, prompted the admirable idea of calling for its repatriation in the Ulster Museum. Watch this space! (JC).

Dear Friend of the Classics,
The Classical Association in Northern Ireland is delighted to announce that its inaugural summer lecture will be:

‘The Coleraine Hoard: Raid, Trade or Paid’ [illustrated]:

'The Romans never came to Ireland…' is not a widely held view any more. Simply put, if the Irish could raid and trade in Britain, the Romans could cross to Ireland. But finds like that of a labourer near Coleraine in 1854 have helped take the discussion of Romano-Irish relations beyond just "trade and raid" into more intricate political interactions, army recruitment and even Irish settlements on Roman land. The story of the Coleraine Hoard may suggest that Ireland was a lot more "Roman" than was ever thought……..

The lecture will be delivered jointly by Dr Peter Crawford and Dr Raoul McLaughlin on Thursday 18 th June at 5.30 in the Senate Room at Queen’s University Belfast. Drinks will be served.

The Association is newly constituted and you will learn more about its plans on the night. In the meantime, I would be grateful if you could share news of the lecture with anyone else you think might be interested.

Yours sincerely,

John Curran
School of History

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