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About Classics Ireland
Classics Ireland is a peer-reviewed, Dublin-based journal for the study of the ancient world, in particular ancient Greece and Rome and their modern legacy. It is published by the Classical Association of Ireland, which was founded in 1908. Classics Ireland has been published annually since 1994. It publishes articles on all aspects of the ancient world, though it maintains a particular focus on articles on the classical tradition in Ireland and the Celtic world. Submissions of both academic and general interest are welcome.

ISSN 0791-9417

Notes for Contributors
Contributions are welcome on all aspects of the language, history, archaeology, and literature of Greek and Roman antiquity, especially if there is an Irish dimension. Contributions should to be scholarly, but not technical. All Greek and Latin must be translated. Minimal footnotes are preferred. Articles should not normally exceed 5,000 words and will be independently refereed before formal acceptance for publication. Copyright remains with the author. Authors will receive one copy of the journal in which their article appears. Reviews should not normally exceed 1,000 words. Please address all manuscripts and books for review to Shane Wallace, Department of Classics, Arts Building, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2, Ireland (

Guidelines for Contributors
Guidelines for Reviewers

Classics Ireland is available in both print and electronic form. Previous issues are available on JSTOR to subscribing institutions and individuals (

If you would like to subscribe to Classics Ireland please contact the membership secretary, Prof. Andrew Smith (, or the editor, Dr. Shane Wallace (

€30 – Ordinary Subscription
€20 – Student and Retired Subscription

Current Volume: Classics Ireland 25 (2018)

Marco Vitale
‘No ‘Britannia’ on Coins of the Severans. Methodological Problems of Contextual Interpretation’, pgs. 1-24

Maeve O’Brien
‘Fantasy Island: Greece and Rome in two Eighteenth-Century Irish Authors’, pgs. 25-62

Charlie Kerrigan
‘Virgil’s Georgics and Nineteenth-Century Ireland’, pgs. 63-80

Presidential Address 2000 (Previously Unpublished)
Eavan Boland
‘The Living Language’, pgs. 81-97

Presidential Address 2017
Carmel McCallum-Barry
‘Women in Classics: Some Landmark Achievements from the Renaissance to the Twentieth Century’, pgs. 98-113

Book Reviews
BERNSTEIN, N., Seneca: Hercules Furens (Liz Gloyn), 114
BREEZE, D.J., The Roman Army (Kate Gilliver), 117
BURTON, P., Rome and the Third Macedonian War (Nathan Rosenstein), 119
CONSTANTAKOPOULOU, C., Aegean Interactions (Elizabeth Foley), 123
DOLANSKY, F. and RAUCCI, S. (eds.), Rome: A Sourcebook on the Ancient City (Monica Hellström), 129
HINDS, A. and CUYPERS, M., Aeschylus: The Oresteia and Euripides: Iphigenia in Aulis (Michael Lloyd), 131
MCDONALD, K., Oscan in Southern Italy. Evaluating Language Contact in a Fragmentary Corpus (Simona Marchesini), 136
OSBORNE, R. and RHODES, P.J., Greek Historical Inscriptions, 478-404 BC (Leah Lazar), 140
PELLING, C. and HORNBLOWER, R., Herodotus Histories Book VI (Vivienne Gray), 143
RUBEL, R., Fear and Loathing in Ancient Athens: Religion and Politics during the Peloponnesian War (Seth N. Jaffe), 146
TEITEL PAULE, M., Canidia: Rome’s First Witch (Lindsay C. Watson), 151
TEITLER, H.C., The Last Pagan Emperor. Julian the Apostate and the War against Christianity (Rebecca Usherwood), 158
WOOLMER, M., A Short History of the Phoenicians (Leonardo Bison), 161
WYLES, R. and HALL, E. (eds.), Women Classical Scholars (Joan Wright), 164

Current and previous volumes of Classics Ireland are available on JSTOR:

Shane Wallace (Trinity College Dublin)

Editorial Board
Isabella Bolger (Classical Association of Ireland)
John Curran (Queen's University Belfast)
Martine Cuypers (Trinity College Dublin)
Andrew Erskine (University of Edinburgh)
Edward Herring (National University of Ireland, Galway)
Fiona Macintosh (University of Oxford)
Maeve O’Brien (National University of Ireland, Maynooth)
Arryn Penn (Classical Association of Ireland Teachers)
Alexander Thein (University College Dublin)
Catherine Ware (University College Cork).

Advisory Editors
Jo Day (University College Dublin)
Raoul McLaughlin (Classical Association in Northern Ireland)
Conor Trainor (University of Warwick)

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