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June 18 th – August 9 th 2018

For the 19 th year running, the Department of Classics at UCC offers an intensive
8-week summer school for beginners with parallel courses in Latin and Ancient Greek. The courses are primarily aimed at postgraduate students in diverse disciplines who need to acquire a knowledge of either of the languages for further study and research, and at teachers whose schools would like to reintroduce Latin and Greek into their curriculum. Undergraduate students are more than welcome to apply as well.
The basic grammar will be covered in the first 6 weeks and a further 2 weeks will be spent reading original texts.

The tuition fee (including text books) for the 8-week course is €1900.

For further information and an application form see our website:
or contact the Director of the Summer School: Mrs.Vicky Janssens, Department of Classics, University College Cork, Ireland, tel.: +353 21 4903618/2359, fax: +353 21 4903277, email:


All sessions take place in Room K217, Newman Building, UCD Belfield, Dublin 4.
Sessions commence at 19:30 and last for one and a half to two hours.
All are welcome!

Dr. Alexandra Eckert, Valerius Maximus: De Crudelitate (extract from Facta et Dicta Memorabilia, liber IX)

Alan Tuffery, Ovid: De Amore, liber I, viii, lines 1-56, 109-114

Liam Bairéad, Terence: text to be announced.

CAI Language Summer School 2017: University College Dublin

Language courses in Ancient Greek and Latin, organised by the Classical Association of Ireland, will take place in University College Dublin (UCD), from the 6th to 16th of June 2017*.

There will be beginners and intermediate courses in both Latin and Greek. The purpose of the courses is to provide an opportunity for those with little or no knowledge of Greek or Latin to acquire a foundation in the language in a brief period of intensive study. It is designed to serve the needs of a variety of students; those who may wish to pursue a degree in Classics but have had no opportunity to study Greek or Latin at second level; those who need Greek or Latin as an aid to studies in related fields such as Philosophy, Biblical studies, Theology, Romance languages, English literature and Medieval studies; and those who are simply interested in language and in Hellenic and Roman culture.

The courses will be taught by experienced language teachers and will consist of three meetings per day with intervals for study between sessions. The courses will be for beginners and also for those who have already reached the standard attained at the end of the beginners course (e.g., the first three sections of Reading Latin and the first four sections of Reading Greek). It is hoped that, by the end of these courses, students will have acquired a sufficient grasp of the elements of the language to enable them to read simple texts.

The courses are open to all persons over 16. The fee is €300.00 (full-time students and pensioners €150.00). Registration forms can be obtained from the CAI website: or from Dr. Cosetta Cadau, School of Classics, University College Dublin, Dublin 4 (
To secure a place registrations should be sent as soon as possible, accompanied by the full fee, to Dr. Cadau.

The textbook for the Greek courses is Reading Greek (2 vols. 2nd.Edition) prepared by the Joint Association of Classical Teachers and published by Cambridge University Press and for the Latin courses Reading Latin, P. Jones and K. Sidwell (2 vols.), 1986 edition, Cambridge University Press.
These should be purchased in advance of the courses and can be ordered from Hodges Figgis or online.

*Since this year the first day of class is a Bank Holiday, these classes will be included in the weekly timetable, for a total of 15 weekly classes.

Application forms for Greek can be found here and application forms for Latin can be found here. For queries please contact Cosetta Cadau on

Schola Latina

One Full Week of Immersion in Spoken Latin 6-12th June, 2017
The Centre for Neo-Latin Studies in the School of History, University College Cork, Ireland, is offering a unique language-training event for scholars and students who wish to improve their command of Latin. The course is aimed at anyone who has completed a full course in Latin grammar, irrespective of whether they have prior experience of active Latin use.

The goal of the course is to help participants
Increase reading fluency
Refresh and refine knowledge of grammar
Learn colloquial idiom and phrasing
Experience how Latin was taught in the past

Further details can be found online:
Applications and requests for further information should be sent to:

Dr Jason Harris
Director, Centre for Neo-Latin Studies, University College Cork

Limerick Branch Language Classes, Spring 2017

Our Latin and Greek language group are continuing to meet at Limerick Education Centre, Dooradoyle, on Mondays from 4 to 6pm until the end of May.
New members are welcome to join at any time, and classes are free of charge
For further information. contact: Patrick J Ryan, Course Tutor; 087 2391862

Dublin Branch Latin Reading Group, Spring 2017

The Group continues to meet as per usual in UCD, Room K217 of Newman Building (Arts & Commerce Building), Belfield at 7.30pm.  Latin Reading Group sessions are very enjoyable. We mix reading and translating Latin texts with discussing and arguing about them! And we have the benefit of session leaders who provide the rest of us with fascinating glimpses of aspects to the texts and their authors that might not be known to many. Schedule may be found on the Dublin Branch page of the website

Dublin Branch Latin Reading Group, Autumn 2016

The Latin Reading Group holds its first session of the new academic year Wednesday 19.10.2016. The Group meets as per usual in UCD, Room K217 of Newman Building (Arts & Commerce Building), Belfield at 7.30pm. Topic: excerpt from Ovid's Heroides VII. The session will be led by Alan Tuffery.

Everybody is welcome to join the group as they read and discuss this excerpt from Heroides VII, one of a series of letters written by the great Roman poet Ovid early on in his career, probably between 25 BC and 16 BC. The series consists of a set of imaginary letters written by mythical heroines, lamenting their unfair, sometimes tragic, treatment at the hands of their lovers, mythical Greek or Roman heroes. Heroides VII is penned by Dido, the Queen of Carthage, to her beloved Aeneas who has abandoned her to sail on to Italy and fulfill his destiny to become father of the Roman people.

If you want to attend, please mail Liam Bairéad, Convenor of the Latin Reading Group, at He will provide you with the necessary text and a translation. (N.B. if you are a member of CAI Dublin Branch you ought to have received a mail from Liam already with the text and translation attached)

Liam writes: Latin Reading Group sessions are very enjoyable. We mix reading and translating Latin texts with discussing and arguing about them! And we have the benefit of session leaders who provide the rest of us with fascinating glimpses of aspects to the texts and their authors that might not be known to many. We will have a further six or seven sessions through the academic year with another session  earmarked for Wednesday 16th November and Wednesday 7th December 2016.

Language Courses at Limerick Education Centre, Final Term 2015/16

Latin Beginners: Mondays, Jan 4, Jan 18, Feb 1, Feb 22, Mar 7, Mar 21
Greek Beginners: Tuesdays, Jan 5, Jan 19, Feb 2, Feb 23, Mar 8, Mar 22

Latin Advanced: Mondays, Jan 11, Jan 25, Feb 8, Feb 29, Mar 14
Greek Advanced: Tuesdays, Jan 12, Jan 26, Feb 9, Mar 1, Mar 15

Teaching Latin and Greek in National Schools: Belfast 16th February 2015
The Classics in Communities team will be running two further workshops in February of this year (previous workshops were held at King’s College London, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Lordswood Girls’ School in partnership with University of Birmingham, and University of Glasgow).

The Classics in Communities team will be running further workshops in February of this year. We shall be in Belfast on Monday 16 th of February 2015 (in partnership with Queen’s University). These workshops are aimed mainly at primary school teachers but anyone with an interest in Latin and Ancient Greek teaching is welcome to attend.

For programme and booking details please visit our website, or email

NB. Bursaries are available for the Belfast workshop.

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